I hold spiritual retreats for beautiful souls to experience magical transformations, all around the world. Mostly I am working alongside my soul partner, Adya Nova and other facilitators. We particularly focus our work on power spots (also known as Earth Chakra points or portals) as they incredibly harmonise with the type of work we offer.


Our retreats offer a powerful space for you to transform, elevate and align. We are always amazed at how each soul who attends, leaves Renewed. For us, it is symbolic of your Soul Personality birthing, carrying all of your potential, miracles and fulfilment emerging to the surface. Join us and Remember Who You Are. Explore more below...

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self empowerment course


This course has powerful truths that it can lead to huge transformation in your life through the application of key principles of Spiritual Reflection.​

All content is based on spirituality, psychology, ancient wisdoms, esoteric principles -designed to Empower You.

Videos, Channelled Articles, Healing Visualisations.​

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playing it small, poverty...

4 Complete packages in 1.

These extensive video workshops are a powerful deep clearing series of the Templates we carry in our consciousness relating to our core limitations.

Suffering, Poverty, Perfectionism, Playing it Small.

Public Price £200


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self love & healing

A powerful series of Transformational Teachings, Transmissions, Activations & Exercises to Fall in Love with Your Beautiful Self

Public Price £50




lightworker programme

Vaz Sriharan has developed this extensive multi-layered programme after years of inner work, mentoring & training lightworkers through the London College of Spirituality. 

This is a Journey of Self Discovery...Accessing Your Divine Soul Blueprint. 

This is for the Sensitive Individual who is seeking to be an Authentic Heart Centered Lightworker

Public Price £150



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infinite being - book

Infinite Being is a collection of sacred wisdoms using a unique blend of Soul Psychology and Channelled material. If you are new to spirituality or a seasoned explorer, Infinite Being is a treasure chest of pioneering discoveries, a gateway for self discovery, awareness, transformation and happiness. It is your companion for life - a complete toolset to create a life of joy, harmony and abundance. 

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timelines & parallel realities

There is a major collective timeline (parallel reality) that is opening to all during this time, representing the higher path as we move out of the old matrix. Here all are being propelled towards it and using conscious multidimensional work.

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money, relationships, power...

4 Complete Packages in 1. Experience Channeled Transmissions, Individual Activations & Activational Commands to clear you on a DNA, Cellular, Ancestral (Genetic, Past Life, Karmic) and Multidimensional levels to deeply release held stories. Working with THIS lifetime (Culturally, Family, Societally) as well as PAST lifetimes and GENETIC lineages.

Public Price £77


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starseed collection

This is an entire collection of Starseed, Earth & Angelic transmissions.

Note: The Starseed transmissions are freely available on my YouTube channel. However the initial talking tracks, explaining about each system; as well as the Timelines transmission is only available through this package.

Public Price £30



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ascension collection

Transformational Package: Transmissions, Activations, Wisdom Sharings, Channellings ~ to work with the Ascension Energies & the Grand Shift in Consciousness

Public Price £35


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