I hold spiritual retreats for beautiful souls to experience magical transformations, all around the world. Mostly I am working alongside my soul partner, Adya Nova and other facilitators. We particularly focus our work on power spots (also known as Earth Chakra points or portals) as they incredibly harmonise with the type of work we offer.


Our retreats offer a powerful space for you to transform, elevate and align. We are always amazed at how each soul who attends, leaves Renewed. For us, it is symbolic of your Soul Personality birthing, carrying all of your potential, miracles and fulfilment emerging to the surface. Join us and Remember Who You Are. Explore more below...

Vaz Sriharan

growth & empowerment

May, 2020

​Open to Channel on the Magic Mountain! With the Divine I AM Transmission Training + Intuitive & Channelling Development. 

Adya Nova

Jasmine Aziz

lightworker programme

September 2020

Return to Love is about reconnecting with the Heart and the ancient Lemurian ways. Tapping into the wisdom and sacredness as well as the joy, play and creativity! 

Chris Fit

Iron Mike

ancestral healing

January 14, 2017

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Chris Fit

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