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Embrace, Embody your Soul Mission 

Lightworker Bootcamp: Step up to your Destiny

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Vaz works as a Spiritual Guide, Lightworker Trainer & Mentor devoted to exploring consciousness


Vaz is a former Cityworker who transformed his life from over 15 years of intense depression. Being open to spiritual truth & philosophy since a young age, Vaz explored many paths to help him emerge from his experiences. Over time, spiritual growth, study and experience Vaz healed enough of his darkness into powerful strengths & has dedicated his life to the spiritual path ever since. Today he uses these tools, techniques today to assist many others to open up to their Divinity, Empowerment and Love.


Vaz founded the London College of Spirituality, today with over 15,000 members exploring their spiritual growth and empowerment. Vaz is a humanitarian and enviromentalist, dedicated to preserving what is sacred. 


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Divine I AM Transmissions Founder, Facilitator, Trainer

Reiki Master (Usui)

Reiki Master (Tera Mai)

Light Grids Practitioner

Theta Practitioner

Studied in Transpersonal Psychotherapy (2 yrs)

Studied in Person Centered Psychotherapy (1 yr)

Founder of the London College of Spirituality

Founder of One Earth

Founder of Sacred Journeys