Shasta Vortex 2020

Join me & Adya Nova as we take another group of beautiful souls to the magical, mystical portal of Mt Shasta, California in September 2020


Deep within is a Source of your Being that goes by many names. Yet it is also nameless. It is the Source of limitless power, love, wisdom, worth, confidence, potentiality. It is yours and you have access to this.

I have emerged from 15 years of intense depression by using a blend of eastern, western & channeled spiritual philosophies, together with many healing methods. Little did I know back then that my own journey of discovering how to escape deep limitation would give me a bounty of tools to support others. Since then I have committed my life to supporting the growth & awakening of all those drawn towards me.  


Your life is a beautiful reflection of the inner world


By understanding the Inner World, you understand what is happening to you externally

By transforming your Inner World, you transform your Outer World...


If you are new to my work, please explore my Meditations, Blog & The Library, where you will find an extensive range of meditations, articles, videos, podcasts, ecourses & more


Experience beautiful healing meditations, guided journeys and transmissions. All recorded and offered for free in this portal for you to align to your sacred Self.

Spiritual Retreats

Spiritual Retreats are one of the most powerful ways to quantum leap on the path. They offer the space to step into a new identity, one that is waiting for you. I run retreats with sacredness, love & fun. Community is always at heart, and the Heart is the centre of our work.

Library of Transformation

Are you seeking to delve into your spiritual journey of growth, discovery and healing - at your own pace? The library here offers a wide range of my products I have created over the years to serve your journey of awakening. Explore more below.

- Can you radically transform your relationships, lifestyle and career?

- Can you access inner confidence, power, clarity in your life?

- Can you shift from states of anxiety, depression, meaninglessness

- Can you heal painful situations much faster than traditional therapy?

The answer is Yes.

And millions of individuals are exploring more conscious ways of understanding their reality through spiritual/conscious wisdoms. Anyone can access this, regardless of experience. It is knowing where to begin and how reality works.

Whatever you are experiencing, you can expand your world by making a choice - choosing to shift your reality to one that serves you.

Transform your life through Spiritual Growth & Healing


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