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Namaste friend

Welcome to my website. Please explore for free meditations, prayers, healing journeys. I also share many of my insights via my Living in the Mystery podcast. For my full library of content I recommend exploring my Insight Timer profile where I serve as Teacher

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Nearly 100 Free Meditations, Prayers, Healing Journeys designed to support your Spiritual Awakening, Transformation and Connection

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Articles, Blogs, Channeled Wisdom as well as premium healing meditations. Join the community Vaz is building over on Substack

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Transformational Courses sharing key concepts that have revolutionised the way Vaz sees reality


Next Event

Soul Connections: Raising Your Frequency

10th February 2024 | 8.30pm GMT

Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova-Sriharan

Raise your vibration, clear old beliefs, reprogram with the higher templates of your Higher Consciousness and Higher Self through a series of high energy activations, attunements and transmission.

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