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Embrace, Embody your Soul Mission 

Lightworker Bootcamp: Step up to your Destiny

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I mentor & support individuals to radically transform their lives, relationships and identities - by creating space for them discover their Soul Purpose


You have so much within you..waiting to birth


Wisdoms, Videos, Healing



Namaste Friend,

Thank you for meeting me here....

I love the spiritual Journey. This endless voyage of discovery...What a Ride!


I have a deep passion for connecting to the Divine. For me, my Spirituality is in every step. It is natural. It belongs to each and every soul. It Is Everything...

In a way I have always been open to Spirit. In another way, I am continuously remembering who I am. 

My path is dedicated towards personal discovery, growth, healing...As well as a devotion to the Divine that is manifest in our Environment: Mother Earth, her Creatures, the Elements, Humanity, our collective Wellbeing. 

You and me are forever connected.

We know each other from other times...and we will know each other again.

My creativity you'll find on this website, through Writing, Meditations, Poetry, Podcasts, Transmissions, are an outlet to in some way express my devotion to this Great Love that swims through us all, guides us.  And with this, I am passionate about creating spaces for souls like you, to reconnect to what is naturally & sacredly yours - Your Divinity, Power, Love, Wisdom, Creativity, Wonder. I offer this through a variety of Events & Retreats.



One of my more focused creations is assisting souls embrace their Soul Destiny. It is a natural gift for me to see what is possible within an individual and guide them towards embodying this in an Empowering, Heart-felt way. 

You are here for a powerful reason. Do you feel the Calling?

Something deep within is stirring, guiding you to recognise that you have something powerful to offer.

I have created a Lightworker Programme which takes souls through a structured, heart-centered and sacred / spiritual process to Anchor your Life Purpose into Physical Reality....

Explore more below! Layer 1 is FREE!


Hafsa Mitha

Personal Growth and Transformation Mentor; Lightworker Bootcamp Participant

"Words can not describe how much my energy has changed through taking part in this programme. Vaz is an awesome teacher with an incredible energy that allows you to trust what you’re doing. Vaz gives you the pushes you need throughout the journey but the way you’re working together really supports the direction that you want to take. You can feel that Vaz wants the best for you and it makes you want the best for yourself! 


I was in a place where I could see my potential but struggled to take the action that would make it happen. The programme has really unearthed parts of me I would not have tapped in to without Vaz’s intuitive support. I’ve got to know myself deeply as a Lightworker through this process and that in itself is empowering. It’s an incredibly powerful programme that helps you to create new pathways within yourself and through your work. It’s helped me to dissolve the barriers I had to being seen and heard as a Lightworker and as a result, I’m starting to do things with confidence and conviction and seeing powerful shifts happening with my work.


This is a life-changing programme that will help you transform inside and out, on all levels. It doesn’t just help you to step up. It helps you to feel like you’re flying!"

Hafsa Mitha

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