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Refund Policy

We are understanding that last minute things can come up for you. We also hope you understand that we plan on going ahead with retreats based upon numbers and book venues, plan itineraries around who has booked. With this we usually utilise funds beforehand for expenses. Regardless we are flexible with the following policy:

There are no refunds for this experience, apart from what is listed below:

2 Weeks Before
Any time upto 2 weeks before the experience, you may receive credit to transfer to a future similar value experience or event - once only.


2 Weeks Within
There are no transfers within 2 weeks of the retreat or weekend experience.


Exemptions - Emergencies
If there is an emergency which you can prove through copy of communication that is dated we can give a refund less 10% admin fee.

Exemptions - Waiting Lists
If you have purchased a ticket that has sold out and there is a waiting list (when full priced tickets are sold) where another purchases your ticket, we can refund your ticket less 10% admin fee.


In case of a countrywide lockdown or testing positive for covid prior to the retreat, we will offer you credit for a future experience (within 1 year) or similar valued event of your choice.


Partial Refund - Do not wish to transfer
If you do not wish to have a transfer and would like to cancel regardless, we offer a 50% refund.


Changing your mind
Please note there is no option to reinstate your place if you decide to change your mind later with any of the above options.


Please treat our team with kindness. We reserve the right to refuse refunds and remove participants to ensure the wellbeing of the main group. 


We hope this is all clear, we look forward to having you with us! Any questions please email

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