• Vaz Sriharan

White Magic Purification

Updated: May 23

This is a White Magic Cleansing and Activating Transmission, to purify your entire system as we work with the Ascended Light Beings and the Order of Melchizedek.

This is a beautiful purifying, cleansing bath of higher light.

With this ~ Clear projections, judgments, competitive energies from others, from self, as well as dense, dark, magics within your system over lifetimes, both received and used against. Allow the White Magic frequencies to neutralise all limiting vows, invocations and additionally reawaken your Inner Magic. Connect with your Past incarnations where you have yielded Great Magic and awaken these multidimensional gifts within you.

Be taken on a Spiritual Journey to the Land of Timelessness to receive a White Magic Purification at one of the Great Healing Temples. And receive an Archangel Blessings to Open to Love

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