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War and Peace

Updated: Oct 18

I’ve been reflecting upon recent world events and collectively we feel any “conscious” conflict. I say conscious because there are wars, atrocities, conflicts occurring in all parts of the world every day yet we are only aware of some of them. When they do emerge into our collective, it is also for a reason, signifying a perceptual shift is occurring. We all can’t help but focus upon it or feel it on an energetic level, as the collective reels. However what that shift means is up to each of us.

When I was younger and more socially activist, I would be very vocal about what I felt needed to happen in these situations. Now I look back at myself and see I was inadvertently using any situation to prove a one sided argument, where I was in the right. In other words it would confirm already established beliefs I had.

I don’t judge who I was yet today I try my best to see things differently.

I’m now more committed to solutions than proving whether I am right.

More committed to listening than telling.

More committed to admitting I don’t know than claiming I do.

It’s here in what I often refer to as the Mystery, a place beyond the ego's reach, the soul's domain that we are free-er of labels, belief systems, group-think, echo chambers, personal desires where we can truly hear whispers of what is birthing on this planet.


For those directly involved how can they not be one-sided…they have their own very difficult journey.

For the rest of us who observe, what’s our place, our responsibility?

When we strip away the governments, the personal agendas, the protests, the arguments - there are people on the ground on both sides who equally deserve help and for me this is perhaps the most important issue of all. A humanitarian issue where we ask, how do we help all those in need?

If we can’t help directly than how do we help indirectly?

I feel when I focus on the people who are suffering, those in need, then I know where my energy can be helpful. If I can’t help directly then I always ask a question:

Do I want to propagate the energy of conflict which especially during these days of the internet we see more clearly how it can ripple and amplify and incite more and more division/hatred - leading to possible more atrocities.

Or do I want to transform it when it reaches the doorstep of my consciousness.

Do I want to decide to end the cycle of conflict by choosing another way.

To even want to choose this means we have to do the inner work with our own conflict consciousness.

We are each the stewards of peace. We are each responsible for what leaves our doorstep of consciousness as we each transmit that outwardly.

The internet is just a metaphor of what is always occurring on a mass consciousness level. We are always rippling out and receiving in.

Peace Consciousness

We may often believe we are just one and cannot do anything yet every time we choose to transform what we see and not spread a very contagious energy of division, we are doing the future justice, by providing a greater stronger foundation for peace.

For me peace is inevitable. Regardless of what I see in the world.

We have always had conflict and war in the world yet these days it is becoming more unbearable to witness on a mass level.

This is a positive consciousness shift in awareness.

It should be unbearable as we collectively are deciding which timeline / path ahead we wish for humanity.

Yet we have already chosen that, we chose the age of peace a long time ago which initiated this great awakening.

Now we are enforcing it.

Now we are ensuring it.

Perhaps it’s my background coming out of 'incurable' depression that knows anything is possible. Yet I feel there is something else. Perhaps it’s hardwired into all of us who yearn for it on a soul level. To want peace means we know what is possible for humanity. It may not look like it has a way of unfolding, or easy, or even possible yet peace is a force that is beyond all of us. It is birthing on the planet and unearthing everything out.

That force has many other names. Unity consciousness. Ascension. Awakening. Dark nights of the soul. It's all the same thing. It is a unification, an integration, a Grand Meeting.

I created a meditation last year that is entitled Unity Consciousness.

Meditations such as these aren’t designed to just make us feel better over here, whilst suffering occurs over there. It is part of the inner work - to understand that as we meet the parts within that are at war with themselves, it gives us greater and greater desire to foster peace within and project it outwardly. Fuelling a new energy that is inevitably entering the planet. Whilst that occurs we will continue to see more polarised situations outside for us all to learn to journey through the eye of the needle that is Unity Consciousness, together.



Unity Consciousness Meditation

This a Soul journey to anchor in the vibration of Unity Consciousness. If we can learn to bring together the parts within that are in conflict, we are more able to embody unity, peace, compassion for all. This meditation includes connecting with Humanity on a soul level, for a unification with your sacred Human Soul Family and a surrender to the Oneness in us all.

Audio Version:

Or YouTube version

(Cover art by MediVerse)

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