• Vaz Sriharan

Trusting the Process

What happens when we trust in the divine process of what is unfolding?

If everything unfolding is a manifestation of the collective, individual and group, then everything experienced is part of the Divine Plan. How we approach the world changes. Instead of trying to wish suffering isn’t occurring, we ask what suffering is trying to teach us. Instead of trying to change people’s paths or reality to what we think it should be, we ask for illumination from Spirit to direct us towards what is best needed in this actual situation.

Here, we face reality as it is. And however difficult and challenging it may be, we recognise if it is manifest, it is part of our design too. We appreciate there is a greater unfolding occurring that is necessary, to heal individual & collective wounds. Trusting in Source, in our collective destiny, in our group manifestation is key in trusting in the process.

Trusting in the process is what allows us to open to spiritual wisdoms, soften resistance to ‘what is‘ and navigate through challenging times.

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