• Vaz Sriharan

The Awakening Process: Truth, Dark Nights of the Soul/Ego & Expansion

In this session I speak about the nature of Awakening, of Truth (Personal & Collective), of our relationship with Suffering and the Dark Knights of the Soul (or Ego).

I have had my own personal experience with suffering, with around 15 yrs of intense depression - and this period taught me to view suffering, and the world's suffering in a very different way. I believe this is what elevated me out of that experience. All of this of course is relevant during these times now and I hope that these sessions provide support, assistance for you in your own divine awakening process.

These sessions are offered to support those of you who are seeking to go deeper, and to attune to your Inner Wisdom, Power & Love. The healing frequencies of what I share is what I refer to as a Soul Language - speaking directly to your Soul and therefore offering an additional multidimensional healing

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