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PLEIADES: Meet Your Pleiadian Star Family & DNA Vortex Activation

Updated: May 23

Pleiadians are often seen as Humanity's Cousins from the Stars. They have been assisting humanity in this ascension in numerous ways. Pleiadians have polarised to the light and thus have been on an incredible journey of exploring this aspect of consciousness. Many souls have a very strong connection to this race, which is also involved in direct Contactee work.

(Artwork by Adya Nova: http://www.adyanova.com)


MEET your Pleiadian Star Family - Awaken a Love beyond this plane, assisting you in Opening your Heart to Love in a far greater capacity

Polarity Healing: Allow the Pleiadians to assist in balancing your polarities within your belief systems

RECEIVE a powerful DNA Vortex Activation. Awakening your galactic memories, giving you access to your Greater Story, Purpose & Direction

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