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  • Vaz Sriharan

Morning Prayer

Excerpt from Sacred Prayers - Click here to purchase. Listen to this meditation below

A Morning Prayer to connect to the Universe, your Spirit Guides, Mother Earth and to bless your day ahead. Offering gratitude for life before it has even begun. A prayer to Great Source and yourself.

Great Source,

Thank you,

for this New Day.

In this moment,

I open to the Oneness.

As I breathe in,

I feel the One Breath,

b r e a t h e ,

through my entire being.

As I breathe out,

I feel the expansion of my Spirit,




I feel your eternal being,

flow through me,

an endless River of beauty.

Experiencing life,

through my own.

As I breathe,

I open wider.

I allow more of you,

through me.

I open, to your endless love.

I surrender, to your boundless presence.

I allow the divine grace,

of Supreme everlasting light,

to enter my field.

I am Timeless.

I am Creation.

I am Presence.

I open my heart to Gaia,

Sacred Mother.

I feel your rivers, oceans,

and lakes of bounty,

Your rolling hills,


and landscapes of beauty,

Your endless vistas, and skies aplenty,

Your creatures who thrive and move with you.

I align and synchronise

with your natural rhythms,

Your natural cycles of flow,

of movement, of harmony.

As I synchronise with you,

I let go.

I surrender,

to your great knowing and teaching.

Today I call upon,

the eternal Light within me,

to bless all aspects of my Life.

To bring peace, grace,

ease and flow into my life.

To open up to the magic,

the synchronicity,

the miracles,

and the wonder.

To surrender,

to universal wisdom,

the wisdom of unconditional love,

of peace, of joy.

Remind me of my gifts,

of my potentiality.

Awaken me, to the freedom of my expression.

As I feel your presence birth through me,

I radiate this, in all directions.

I call upon the Great Luminaries,

of iridescent light,

the Wise Ones who look over me,

the supremely loving guardians,

of ultimate truth,

I call upon your wise counsel,

to assist me, in any area of my life,

to teach and guide me,

to bring greater alignment to my truth.

I offer my gratitude to life,

for life,

for all the gifts,

seen and unseen.

I ask for all beings to be blessed.


Listen to this Meditation

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