• Vaz Sriharan

Message to a Lightworker

I want to see your Greatness

I want to see you Blaze

I cannot see you if you hide

I cannot receive your gifts,

If you hold onto them

I cannot benefit from your message

If you play it small

I want to see you Shine so brightly

I’ve forgotten who I am

To let go of who I am

To rediscover who I am

I want to see you revel in your own Brilliance

To inspire me to do the same

To hear you proclaim your worthiness

So I know it’s ok to claim mine

I want to see your Heart

Your Openness

Your Vulnerability

So I can truly hear you

Meet you

Know you

I want to be consumed by the treasures of your gifts

I am fascinated by you

I am waiting for you

To share all of who you are

All the wonders you bring

To touch my soul

And my Being

I want to dance in your presence

To be reminded who I am

As you embody All of who you are

Stand Tall

And I will do the same

Shine Bright

And I will do the same

I am waiting



~ Message to A Lightworker….from Humanity

(Vaz Sriharan)

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