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LYRA: Ancient Lyra & Library of Galactic Records Activation

Updated: May 23

Lyra is seen as the pivotal civilisation that seeded this Galaxy - and our Origin story. Many of the Star Systems that have seeded Human's Genetic Code and the Galactic heritage originate from the constellation of Lyra. They are known as the Lion People. They have ancient spiritual and esoteric wisdom that carries codes for humanity's evolution & ascension.

(Artwork by Adya Nova: http://www.adyanova.com)


Connecting to this beautiful stream of consciousness and particular lineage.

Awakening Cellular & DNA memories for personal connection and activation of core skills, abilities from these times.

Opening up to new guides & guidance. Simultaneously healing collective past wounds through this lineage and expanding your consciousness with the current energies.

Working with Ascended Beings, Ancient Civilizations, Galactic Representatives & More.

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