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LEMURIA: Heart Centered Awakening, with Mt Shasta

Updated: May 23

This is a transmission to connect with the Ancient civilisation of Lemuria. This continent existed aeons ago as one of the Earth's first and most advanced species, both spiritually and technologically. Ancient Lemurians were Masters of Love and Heart Centered Living, and understood crystals to a high degree. They stored information inside crystals to be used for the awakening of these times (hence Lemurian seed crystals).

(Artwork by Adya Nova: http://www.adyanova.com)

Lemuria is connected with present day lands Mt Shasta, Hawaii, California and Sri Lanka. Those who have a connection with Lemuria usually have a tendency towards heart centered living and also these lands, which radiate the frequency of HOME.

Take a journey to meet your Lemurian multidimensional selves...

Listen to this to rebalance yourself and activate the heart center within each of your chakras and entire being itself.

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