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Higher Realms: Journey Home

Updated: May 23

This is an extensive voyage & transmission to the Higher Realms channelled by Vaz Sriharan and featuring channeller Adya Nova.

Be taken on a magical journey through the veil to meet your awaiting Star Guide. Experience this beautiful realm and voyage across to meet the High Priestess at the Grand Temple. Hear a message from the Priestess about your journey as she takes you to the next leg of your journey - into a protected realm which holds the Land of Timelessness.

Here embark to meet the Grand Council of Light Beings, pure loving essences who oversee the Birth Plans of souls. Receive a Light Language activation from these beings and an integration regarding the evolution of your path on planet earth.

This is a Transmission with Messages from Light Beings, High Priestess and energetic exchanges with higher essences. As you journey through these realms, there is symbolic healing occurring as your vibration is raised with each realm you enter. The light language offers codings and frequencies that carry wisdom, love beyond our conceptual language. This was recorded from the power spot of Bali, with natural jungle sounds and the ambient vortex energies. Receive and enjoy!

Channellers Vaz Sriharan and Adya Nova

Vaz Sriharan, and voice of Council and Light Language

Adya Nova as voice of the High Priestess and Light Language

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