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Heal Your Story with the Arcturians (Divine I AM Transmission)

Updated: May 23

What is a Divine I AM Transmission?

Divine I AM Transmissions is a system of healing that has been created & channelled by Vaz Sriharan.

These are channeled energy transmissions working with higher realms of light, assisted beings and guides and the Crystalline Planetary Light Grids - to awaken and connect to our Inner Source through a powerful transmission of love, light and divine frequencies. This is a temple, a sanctuary for you to reconnect with your beautiful Divine I AM Presence.

This is a spiritual experience of immense love, pure wisdom and intelligence moving to awaken inner Soul Love.

The transmission is a multidimensional form of Healing where Unconditional Love energies are channelled. A download of higher light, love, codes, wisdoms, frequencies pour over you and layer though your four bodies - Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual. This then works to Cleanse, Bathe, Transform and Active our fields and consciousness with higher frequencies of light.

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