• Vaz Sriharan

Flower of the New Consciousness

In every new era, there is a single flower that blooms in the consciousness.

One that is new.

One that holds a new colour, vibration, energy, song.

It does not belong to the past.

It does not belong to any idea of what may have been thought of, for the future.

It is free of desire. Free of expectation. It is new.

This flower cannot to be analysed or boxed, or labelled. It is free of the mind.

If the flower is honoured. Treated as sacred. As a gift, from beyond. It becomes an offering from the heavens

This flower’s very presence may challenge your worldview, Contradict all that you’ve learned Create more questions than knowing

During these times of monumental change, As you approach the shores of new lands, Your tools of the past cannot meet the forests of the future… The Present is your gateway, To provide fertile land For your flower to be nurtured

Allow the flower to Transform your world Through its graceful presence And powerful magic, Birthing a new consciousness through you…

Surrender to what is unknown And receive the teachings of the new

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