• Vaz Sriharan

Awaken Your Inner Love

This journey is designed for those who wish to Awaken, Deepen, Expand their Inner Love. This can be listened to numerous times to align to your own Inner Love. You have access to Eternity within. If you are experiencing Depression, Anxiety, Generally low state in your life - allow yourself to be taken on a journey to RECEIVE. This can be used in conjunction with my Self Love Affirmations, as part of Self Love practice.

THE JOURNEY This is a deep powerful healing & recalibration to Awaken Your Inner Love. Deep within you is an Eternal Source of Love that is always alight. Through mystical journeying, be taken on a voyage to the Inner Realms and enter the Sacred Temple of your Heart. Here submerge into the Healing waters of Unconditional Love and receive affirmative reprogramming. The journey deepens as you voyage further to meet the Greatest of all Love within…

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