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Post Transmissions

Post Divine I AM Transmission

Thank you for participating this beautiful energetic healing. As much as it serves your own growth, these transmissions serve the collective in profound ways.

Below are some insights I have gathered over the years offering transmissions, by monitoring my own development, those of my clients and participants.


Following a Transmission we can often move through an alchemical transformational process. This is where a lot of our older patterns, stories, energies, cycles, are shed. We embody Self Acceptance, Compassion, Strength. We raise our Awareness, Consciousness, Vibration. Every single individual processes Healing differently – because we are all given exactly what we need in each moment. And each of us has a different healing journey.

For example, we may need to go through a period of emotional release in order for us to cathartically release an emotion that has been repressed within – to show ourselves that it was there in the first place. This may lead to an action that is also necessary in this regard. Perhaps speaking to an individual or making a change in your life.

The release allows your Consciousness to recognise this and start a healing process. In this regard, you may initially feel down with your energy – and this can be very common after Healing. We experience what is coming up before we balance and feel more Empowered, Full, Vital.

Or you may go into a very happy place! Where you feel expanded, exhilarated, moved.

More often than not there are physical tiredness symptoms that occur as the physical body is detoxifying the older stories and expanding to hold more light (loving wisdom that holds more of your expanded consciousness)

Here are some guidelines form what I have observed from working with people over the years. As always, please trust your intuition – you are far more connected than you may believe.


Initially you may feel very physically tired and exhausted. Transmissions lead to deep changes. Please honour yourself by giving yourself time to heal. With transmissions we experience a few days, or a week’s healing equating to months (or even years in some cases) of transformation. Following your experience, whether it is the day after or a week later:

  • Have a Salt Bath (Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt). This can tremendously help you with your release


  • Have a Shower – you may wish to scrub some Sea Salt on your body – Visualise white light showering through your body.


These two techniques may seem simple yet they are highly intentional and assist in the clearing process.

Take what feels right for you.


All Healing channels Unconditional Love / Light for Transformation. Healing usually moves into the areas that are denser, painful, repressed, unhealed to displace them with this healing light. In other words they come to the surface for Healing & Release.

What this means is that they often come to the surface with a release. We literally may re-experience old emotions, so they can be brought into the light of our current level of awareness, Consciousness.

Just allow all emotions to be felt. Fully if you can. There is no need to analyse or understand what is happening unless it is revealed. There is nothing to do! Yet be aware of being sucked into the emotion for prolonged periods, every now and then remember...I am experiencing this because I am releasing this.

Did you feel any Resistance in the session? 

Resistance in Healing sessions show there is something holding on – it isn’t actually us that is holding on, it is the core beliefs. Yet it also shows how deep the healing is occurring. You may have felt this initially with your mind in overdrive, wanting to escape or blocking mentally.

Some of my biggest transformations have been met with initial resistance. It all depends on the theme we are working with and what is being worked on; and the shadow (unconscious) aspects we’re working with.

If you ‘didn’t feel much’ during the session, this is OK. The energies are always working with you and maybe more subtle for carefully designed reasons. Again, I have heard many speak how little they felt during a session, and then contact me days or weeks later with many stories of changes they are experiencing!

Please however try not to see resistance as doing something wrong. We all have it, and for good reasons. Everyone has their own unique sacred and valid path of growth.


Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga are excellent ways in embodying the energies post transmission. Here is a great series of Qi Gong movements to cleanse the auric field and connect to your spiritual field:


Transmissions work on very deep levels. Here we are releasing core beliefs, which are stored within the Physical Body – Cells, DNA, Meridians etc. The Light frequencies move into the body and work to release and harmonise. In the session the work is incredibly Cosmic as we work with the Planetary Grids and Ascended Beings of Light – yet we are always working with Gaia through. The Light Grids are an extension of Gaia, and Mother Earth is anchoring us throughout with the frequencies to complete the connection, of above and below.

What this means is that is that Transmissions work on many multidimensional levels to allow you to be here, now, in this body, incarnate and live the fullest life you can, whilst strengthening your connection to the Divine and remembering who you are. This allows for an expansion of your Spiritual connection and your Human’ness.

Allow yourself to let go of expectations of how the healing occurs and trust the process that is right for you. Spirit always gives us what we need in each moment. If you have any particular questions please feel free to contact me and I’ll add more information here.

Much love and blessings on your journey



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