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These are incredible times on the planet. During which, millions are awakening to a deeper truth about reality. The Universe is activating these souls to uncover their Heart's Desires, and Express them to serve Humanity. 

A Lightworker is any soul that chooses to bring forth their inherent Gifts and express these out of enjoyment, simultaneously serving the Greater Whole. 

 Is the Universe calling you into action?

Build your confidence to deliver your work, message, expression

Move through Public speaking fears

Dissolve fears, anxiety in stepping out


Many wayshowers, lightworkers step out without any support.

It's tough to be sensitive and be seen at the same time

Yet if you have a message, that message needs to be received

That message can be anything: Wisdom, Healing, Art, Music, Creations

Are you ready to Create Magic?

Are you ready to stop


playing it Small? 

Self Sabotaging?

Are you ready to move beyond your Comfort Zones and embrace the life that you were born to live?

Welcome to the Lighworker Programme

This is a programme for sensitive souls who are seeking to spread a divine message, calling on this planet through their expression & creativity.


Vaz Sriharan has developed this extensive multi-layered programme after years of inner work, mentoring & training lightworkers through the London College of Spirituality. Co-Creator and facilitating on many of the channeled healing experiences is Adya Nova.

This is a Journey of Self Discovery...Accessing Your Divine Soul Blueprint. 

This is for the Sensitive Individual who is seeking to be an Authentic Heart Centered Lightworker




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"It’s an incredibly powerful programme that helps you to create new pathways within yourself and through your work. I’ve got to know myself deeply as a Lightworker through this process and that in itself is empowering" ~ Hafsa

"I have spent a lot of time healing and growing through Vaz's healing work and have taken Vaz's training. The work that we 've done together has been a large part of my spiritual and holistic growth which gave me the confidence to step out and do my own healing work, where I can serve many more to bring out the light into the world.  

There is much to learn from Vaz's teaching and example which he shares from an openly loving space." ~ Himesh

Layer 1 - Spiritual Explorer

Free Access

What's Included? 

Transformational Modules Videos to Teach, Guide and Initiate your lifelong Journey as a Lightworker. 

Spiritual Exercises & Healing Transmissions Exciting Self Discovery exercises. Beautiful Healing Transmissions to connect you to your deeper Self

This Layer is FREE

Layer 2 - Trailblazer: Mentoring

June Enrolment



£222 - £555

Pay what you can afford options

What's Included? 


2 X Weekly Intimate Group Mentoring Sessions online to powerfully raise your vibration



Profound Transformational healing for core Lightworker patterns, inc. Money, Power & Expression


Powerfully develop your Confidence as a Lightworker & Human Being!


Ceremonies to release Old Stories & Bring in your New Life




Create Guided Journeys

Learn how to Create Guided Journeys & Visualisations

Holding Space 

Investment: £444

You are here for Greatness

So many lightworkers start their journey and then stall at several key points: Playing it Small, Low Self Esteem themes

It is critical to heal these to evolve as a Lightworker.

In order to be seen... you need to be Seen! So often lightworkers conflict their own manifestations with an inner desire to hide. Your Message needs to be received by Humanity.   

Allow us to help you move beyond your Comfort Zones

Your Gifts are your Personality... untapped. Without a space to develop these, they can go a lifetime without access. 

We support you in exploring your Expression, Confidence & Worth in a safe space.

And what about Creating Magic?

Explore what happens when you learn how to create beautiful guided meditations.

This programme is open to Anyone who hears the Call.

If you don't feel worthy or ready to carry out your work...let this be the sign you have been waiting for:

If any of this page resonates with you, then your Soul already knows you are ready!

And we know you are ready.

"This is a life-changing programme that will help you transform inside and out, on all levels. It doesn’t just help you to step up. It helps you to feel like you’re flying!" Hafsa

“I was in a place where I could see my potential but struggled to take the action that would make it happen. The programme has really unearthed parts of me I would not have tapped in to without Vaz’s intuitive support. I’ve got to know myself deeply as a Lightworker through this process and that in itself is empowering. It’s an incredibly powerful programme that helps you to create new pathways within yourself and through your work. It’s helped me to dissolve the barriers I had to being seen and heard as a Lightworker and as a result, I’m starting to do things with confidence and conviction and seeing powerful shifts happening with my work. 

- Hafsa Mitha, Personal Growth & Transformation Mentor, 2019

Imagine Just for a Moment... 

Take a Deep Breath....  

​Imagine waking, excited for the day ahead  

You leap out of bed and know TODAY your Lightwork awaits. ​  

Your Soul radiates and shines its true nature.  

Today you Express your Gifts and Message for the world,  

This invigorates you Fills you with Joy  

Knowing you serve your Sacred Purpose and The Great Shift.  

A deep warmth fills your heart as you receive beautiful messages from clients and customers. They share their deepest gratitude for how your Gifts are making a massive difference in their lives.  

You are content and at peace with your Soul Purpose.  

It is Alive within you It brings you immense fulfilment  

Every single day you expand with something new  

Synchronicity and magic is a part of your Life  

Imagine other beautiful lightworkers supporting your every step.  

They want you to succeed, develop, expand and assist you in Being even more of who you are.  

You are working as a conduit for the Divine  

Channelling new ideas, expressions & gifts into reality  

Your Lightwork creates powerful ripples across the planet​  

Many souls are touched by your Gifts...  

And this is just the Beginning...

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