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what is healing?


I offer a unique blend of healing that involves and integrates all of the modalities I have trained in over the years, as well as my own unique system I have developed (and train others in): The Divine I AM Transmissions.

I offer these in London and through Live Webinars

Healing is an ancient and very natural form of Balancing, Harmonising the Physical Body, Mind, and Soul.

Over time the knowledge, skills & training have been lost of this incredibly natural, simple yet profoundly transformational ability. Today, healing is returning and synchronised with the mass need from society.

Healing resolves blockages, eases pain, evokes clarity, empowers, inspires, aligns - and because of this it is a brilliant tool when we are struggling in an area of our life. It opens us open to a higher consciousness, awareness, perspective.

Energy Healing is the channelling of Unconditional Love, Chi, Universal energy - that is present within all life - towards areas of the individual for Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental wellbeing. And the results are extraordinary. Healing works beyond the mind, and so can work on multi-layered (or multidimensional) levels. This is what allows for such incredible shifts for individual who receive healing.

Today there are a wide variety of Healing modalities. Essentially, all healing is channelling the same Source - unconditional love - which is infinite intelligence, wisdom, peace, spirit, you, me, us. It is the very nature of existence that seeks to empower, awaken and inspire.

Many choose healing initially due to personal experiences: such as Relationship trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Loss of Purpose, Disempowerment, Loneliness. And others seek healing for Inner expansion, connection, self discovery. For whatever reason we are seeking healing, we always find that healing has something unique to offer us in return - the bonus of unravelling more within.

Healing comes in many forms. Reiki is a beautiful powerful system for example, as well as Transmissions (see this page for more about Transmissions). I offer a unique blend of all systems I have trained in and learned.

You are far more than you can possibly realise