Glastonbury Vortex Retreat

Return to Love

Glastonbury, England

4th & 5th April 2020






Join us as we take a Sacred Journey to Glastonbury, England, said to be the Heart Chakra of the planet.

Our Vortex Adventures are transformational experiences where you are guided through the mystical portals, vortices of the land, connect to higher realms, open up your spiritual senses, open your heart to love & make lifelong friends.

During this retreat you will be reconnecting with the Heart and the ancient Avalon energies of this land. 

Guided by Vaz & Adya who has been taking groups to sacred power spots for 10 years. Assisting you to go deeply into Glastonbury's magical energies... with love.

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"Thank you everyone for a wonderful and inspirational weekend very transformational feel so much more grounded and connected with living loving and laughing what an amazing group and a magical retreat" Mirjiam

"There are no words that can describe just how awesome this weekend was. I will be coming back for more" Rob

Return to Love Retreat

Open your Heart to Love

Be guided through nurturing experiences to heal your heart, and open yourself to Love. To magnetise more Love into your Life. 

Spiritual Journeying

Experience incredibly beautiful heart-awakening transmissions, journeys & activations led by Vaz & Adya. Strengthen your connection to your Spirit Guides, Star Family and Ascension Guides. 


Re-awaken Avalon Soul Codes

Activate your Avalon Heritage and the gifts that are stored within your Soul.

Vortex Excursions

Travel to sacred, special places around GLASTONBURY and experience the power portals, leylines and gateways. 

Soul Family

You are a Being of Love, here to connect with your ancient brothers/sisters. When you connect on a soul level to another being, you remember Home together...



Glastonbury Tor

It has been called a magic mountain, a faeries’ glass hill, a Grail castle,  a Druid initiation centre, an Arthurian hill-fort, a magnetic power-point, a crossroads of leys, a centre for Goddess fertility rituals and celebrations, a converging point for UFOs. An ancient tower called the Tor sits atop of a distinct hill creating a marker to be seen in the surrounding lands. There are many mysterious theories about the Tor and the hill it sits upon but what we do know is sitting on top of the intersection of a number of Ley Lines creating a special energy portal which can be distinctly felt by those that are sensitive to it.


We will visit this site and spend some time connecting to the relic and the land around performing meditations and directing energies for a powerful energetic experience


Chalice Wells

These magical gardens at the foot of the Tor, are a place for silent meditation and reflection. This is a site with a history full of holy significance and many stories connect it to the Holy Grail of Christ and Mary Magdalene. A natural spring runs under these lands and you can drink from this spring as well as sit and meditate by the Well which are both revered to have healing properties. The water reddish in colour is highly oxidised and believed to have a strong feminine balance.

We will visit the Gardens and give you free time to connect and meditate in these healing area.

Glastonbury Town

A vibrant town centre not like any typical high street you've seen. Much like the magical area around, the high street is full of shops selling crystals, wands, essences, books, shamanic instruments and anything else the spiritual explorer is looking for. With lots of conscious food shops (as well as naughty ones) pubs, the Goddess Temple and Glastonbury Abbey there's lots of do and enjoy in the town centre. Dressing up is not uncommon in this town so don't be surprised to meet Angels, Witches, Faeries and Wizards on your travels.

You will have free time to explore the town, shop, eat or connect with some more of the spiritual sites around the town.



"A truly fabulous experience with a group of amazing people, I cannot recommend this more" Jenny

"Wonderful experience with amazing people, so grateful for the new friends made :-)" Trev

"What a wonderful time I had :-) So uplifting, inspiring and relaxing. Lovely people to have spent the weekend with. Thanks everybody. You are all awesome. X" Shabz

Retreat Booking

We would love to have you join us!

Retreat begins: 4th April at 10am in Glastonbury

Retreat ends: 5th April 8pm in Glastonbury

Retreat Investment SUPER EARLY BIRD (SEB)

Retreat Fee: £150 

What's Included

  • All Workshops, Transmissions, Experiences

  • Visit to Chalice Wells

  • Vortex Visit of the Tor


What's not included

  • Accommodation*

  • Transport to / from Glastonbury*

  • Meals​

  • Optional Excursions: e.g. that you do on your own

*For assistance on how to get up to Glastonbury, there are coaches from London - Glastonbury every day, as well as Train services. See below for information to assist you with accommodation & travel.

Information to assist you

Making your way up to Glastonbury

From London, Coaches are daily and usually under £30 return if booked in advance. Please check here, these take you directly into the town centre (where most accommodation is within walking distance)


The nearest stations to Glastonbury are Castle Cary (30 mins drive), Taunton, Bristol (55 mins drive) and Bath. Connections to Glastonbury by Buses from all stations are available.


Ensure your Accommodation is within walking distance of the High Street (most are). Our venue is located on the high street.

Recommended Places: From Budget to Luxury

Additional Resources: Travel Lodge:



Advanced Healer, Visionary, Lightworker Mentor Founder of Sacred Journeys

Vaz works as an Intuitive Channel, continuously evolving his connection through inner spiritual development, growth and exploration. He has been open to spirit since a child and also emerged from many years of depression through spiritual growth. Vaz has a background as a Cityworker and has trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Person Centered Psychology. He has been working with, exploring and practicing energy healing for nearly 20 years and is passionate about continuously evolving the way he works. Today he works in a number of fields from healing to service work.  

Founder of the London College of Spirituality, Divine I AM Transmissions and author of Infinite Being.  


Advanced Healer, Visionary Artist, Lightworker Mentor, Founder of Sacred Journeys

Adya is an Intuitive Channel, Visionary Artist, Energy Healer (Reiki Master and Advanced Divine I AM Transmission Facilitator) and Mentor.

She works with the mystical nature of Source energy and metaphysical aspects of reality. Adya acts as a guide and a catalyst assisting people towards their spiritual path and evolution. She believes in the importance of expressing authenticity and vulnerability in our lives and falling in love with our Human Nature (the light and the dark).

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