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(UK) Higher Timeline Activations - 4 Week Course with Vaz Sriharan

Join for a powerful series where we'll dive deep into conscious creation and activate higher timelines!

(UK) Higher Timeline Activations - 4 Week Course with Vaz Sriharan
(UK) Higher Timeline Activations - 4 Week Course with Vaz Sriharan

Time & Location

03 Nov 2024, 09:00 GMT – 24 Nov 2024, 10:45 GMT

Live Interactive Course

About the event

9am GMT | 1hr 45 mins per session | Every week starting 3rd November 2024

We are migrating timelines at faster and faster speeds during these ‘times’. A timeline is a series of possibilities that lay before you. As you grow and change, so does your reality and what is possible for you. This also means you release what is no longer working for you. We all have stories that define our identities. Our identities then define our timelines.

Using intention and activational work we will consciously collapse older timelines and activate new ones.

This is a 4 week interactive live webinar series for a small group, designed to create a chamber of accelerated spiritual growth to raise your vibration.

Embracing higher timelines is opening up to your potential, your possibility. Leaving behind the realities that serve older versions of who you used to be. Releasing the chains of your older stories that tie you to older patterns, beliefs, identities and cycles.

Calling upon Divine Compassion to guide the way as we work with the Crystal Keys, a collection of codes that resonate with unity consciousness wisdoms, higher realm wisdom, love to teach and guide the way.

  • Clearing and collapsing older timelines
  • Releasing older stories into the Akashic Records and opening doorways to new ones
  • Downloading the Crystal Keys: crystalline codes that resonate with your soul frequency, destiny and divine plan
  • Downloading the holographic framework of your new reality - to superimpose upon your current one
  • Raising your vibration to match the higher timeline that your soul and higher self are calling for

We will be working with a wide range of themes, from Soul Purpose to Relationships, from Health to Abundance.

The Crystal Keys are a collection of attunements, activations and intentional commands designed by Vaz to channel codes and frequencies from higher dimensions, working with planetary chakras and the crystalline light grids to accelerate your journey.

These are 4 sessions over the course of 4 weeks, replays available to all attendees.

Space is Limited. 12 Participants Only

This series will rotate between the USA and UK timezones. 


  • Super Early Bird

    Sale ends: 31 Aug, 23:50 BST
    +£4.63 service fee
  • Early Bird

    +£5.00 service fee
    Goes on sale: 01 Sept, 00:00 BST
  • Standard

    +£5.55 service fee
    Goes on sale: 01 Oct, 00:10 BST



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