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Divine I AM Transmissions

planetary light grids

Vaz Sriharan

What are the Divine I AM Transmissions?

Transmissions are a deeper form of healing. Transmissions allow us to work in a much more multidimensional way than traditional therapy or practices. Here, we are working with Consciousness, the Universe and the energies of Unconditional Love for the healing process itself.

Transmissions are essentially a 'transmission' of energy, frequency, vibration, light codes of this Unconditional Love - for the purpose of Healing, Alignment, Recalibration. The results are a deep Awakening of Inner Peace, Love, Wisdom and also the profound effects of shedding limiting beliefs, patterns, cycles. 

Transmission Experiences

"Words cannot describe how I felt, it's the closest I have come to oneness and I'm still feeling it today. I'm humbled and truly grateful Vaz - Thank you xxx"

Adya, Visionary Artist & Healer

What makes Transmissions so powerful is that they offer us an opportunity to accelerate our growth during a time where our growth and development is seeking to let go of life-long programming. For me, what I love about Transmissions is that they work on many multidimensional levels - Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual - for an alignment. Here as we work with the Universe, we surrender to a greater force that can heal. Essentially you are healing yourself by coming into contact with yourself.

Yet, Transmissions are so much more. Whilst many come for Healing and Growth. Transmissions offer you the opportunity to massively strengthen your connection with Spirit. To awaken your Soul and birth many abilities within.


The Divine I AM Transmissions is a system uniquely channelled and designed by Vaz Sriharan and integrating many modalities for Personal & spiritual Transformation. The Divine I AM model works with Mother Earth, the Planetary Light Grids and your Soul Presence (Divine I AM Presence), for a holistic, grounded, connected healing. Yet, these are all words....everything is about the direct experience as this is where the empowerment is. 

Experiencing the Transmission 

For many these sessions have led to phenomenal shifts in awareness, growth, happiness, love, joy, spiritual connection, realisations, synchronicities and inner peace. Additionally there may not be anything consciously felt during the session. I work with the principle that everyone receives what they truly require on a soul level. I find the energies are asking us to fall in love with ourselves with whatever we're experiencing, and that this is the key to joy.

The transmission is also designed to awaken gateways to access our own inner guidance, love, wisdom. For everything is truly within. 

You are a beautiful vessel of eternal light, on a journey of growth, awareness back to love. We have entered a new era of consciousness where our perception of healing, growth has transformed, and so has our ability to work with higher consciousness and energies.


Experience it for yourself and see the power of Transmissions! 

I offer these in London and through Live Webinars


Would you like to learn How to Channel Transmissions?

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