Soul Awakening Programme (4 Weeks)

This is a programme that has been developed by Vaz for those to radically expand and grow in a heart centered space

Is this for me?

Are you seeking radical transformation

To Clear major blocks

Are you seeking to

Open your Energy Centers, Clear major Blocks

This programme is for those who wish to radically shed identities that no longer fit. For those who know there is more to life for them, yet do not know how to access this. For those who wish to initiate their soul personality. Vaz shares all the tools, techniques he has used over the years to emerge from depression and navigate through the journey. We will be working spiritually, psychologically and vibrationally throughout.

4 x Weekly Live Group Sessions with Vaz

Each Week consists of

  • Mentoring & Channelled Wisdoms by Vaz

  • Sharing to understand what you are experiencing

  • Ritual/Ceremony focused on the theme of healing

  • Divine I AM Activational Healing Transmission by Vaz

Additionally there will be optional Homework to deepen your practice & peer support so you can feel the support of your soul family.

Each session will consist of a beautifully held space where you will experience Mentoring through specific themes to support you on your Growth Journey, lifting you out of negative states of being and into positive ones. There will be group sharing and peer support amongst those attending. Each session closes with a live energetic healing session by Vaz, using the Divine I AM Transmissions.


Next Dates: 24th March - 14th April


Early Bird Access: £495 for 4 Weeks


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