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self empowerment course


This course has powerful truths that it can lead to huge transformation in your life through the application of key principles of Spiritual Reflection.​

All content is based on spirituality, psychology, ancient wisdoms, esoteric principles -designed to Empower You.

Videos, Channelled Articles, Healing Visualisations.​

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lightworker programme

Vaz Sriharan has developed this extensive multi-layered programme after years of inner work, mentoring & training lightworkers through the London College of Spirituality. 

This is a Journey of Self Discovery...Accessing Your Divine Soul Blueprint. 

This is for the Sensitive Individual who is seeking to be an Authentic Heart Centered Lightworker

Public Price £150



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infinite being - book

Infinite Being is a collection of sacred wisdoms using a unique blend of Soul Psychology and Channelled material. If you are new to spirituality or a seasoned explorer, Infinite Being is a treasure chest of pioneering discoveries, a gateway for self discovery, awareness, transformation and happiness. It is your companion for life - a complete toolset to create a life of joy, harmony and abundance. 

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