Soul Love Programme (4 Weeks)

This is a programme that has been developed by Vaz for those who are seeking mentoring, guidance and a heart-space for spiritual transformation.

Is this for me?

Are you seeking to let go of limiting patterns, cycles, thoughts?

Do you believe there is something more for you?

This programme is for those who wish to radically shed identities that no longer fit. For those who know there is more to life for them, yet do not know how to access this. For those who wish to initiate their soul personality.

What's Included?

Weekly Live Mentoring & Healing Group Sessions with Vaz

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This is a journey of awakening love, Your Love.

  • Are you seeking Self-Love?

  • Are you seeking Confidence, Power, Self-Esteem?

  • Do you want to develop your Spiritual Connection?

  • Do you want to resolve Fears, Insecurities, Patterns?

  • Are you seeking more harmonious loving Relationships?


This course has powerful truths that it can lead to huge transformation in your life through the application of key principles of Spiritual Reflection.

I used these myself to emerge from over 15 years of depression and now teach many others the same principles. They work because they are based on Integrative Spirituality.

All content is based on spirituality, psychology, ancient wisdoms, esoteric principles -designed to Empower You.

Videos, Channelled Articles, Healing Visualisations.​


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